A. Ayça Ünlüer

  • Lisans / BA (2006):
İletişim Tasarımı, Sanat ve Tasarım Fakültesi, Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi
Communication Design, Faculty of Art & Design, Yıldız Technical University
  • Yüksek Lisans / MA (2010):
İnteraktif Medya Tasarımı, Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi
Interactive Media Design,
Yıldız Technical University
  • Doktora / PhD (2014): 
Sanat ve Tasarım, Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi 
Art & Design, Yıldız Technical University

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  • Tasa U., Özcan O., Yantac E., Ünlüer A. “A Case Study on better Iconographic design in electronic medical records' user interface”, Informatics for Health and Social Care (formerly “Medical Informatics and the Internet in Medicine”), Vol: 33, Issue 2, 2008 (Science Citation Index).


  • Zhu Kening, Morten Fjeld and Adviye Ayça Ünlüer (2018).“WristOrigami: Exploring Foldable Design for Multi-Display Smartwatch.” Conference on Designing Interactive SystemsDOI:10.1145/3196709.3196713
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  • Yantac E., Esin Orhun S., Ünlüer A., "A Challenging Design Case Study for Interactive Media Design Education: Interactive Media for Individuals with Autism", HCI International 2014 Conference.
  • Ünlüer A., Özcan O., "Re-Reading String for Educating Interactive Media Design Students in the Perspective of Designing Futuristic Interfaces",  International conference on illustration and animation (CONFIA 2013)
  • Özcan O., Ünlüer A., Baytaş M. A., Serim B., “Rethinking Spherical Media Surfaces by Re-reading Ancient Greek Vases”, 2012 ACM Interactive Tabletops & Surfaces conference, MIT Media Lab., Massachusetts, US.
  • DTRS (Design Thinking Research Symposium) 2012,  School of Design, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 18-19 April 2012, Ünlüer A., Özcan O., "Learning Natural User Interface Design through Creative Drama Techniques: New Approaches to Design Education"
  • SIDeR'12 (Scandinavian Student Interaction Design Research Conference),The Interaction Design  division, Department of Applied Information Technology, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden, 22-23rd of March 2012, Ünlüer A., Özcan O.,"Re-reading String for Designing Interfaces in Animated Movies"

Exhibitions / Workshops

  • Y.T.Ü. Art and Design Faculty 20. anniversary exhibition illustration, 2018.
  • Amber'13 [Açık Okul/Opern School] Sanat, Tasarım, Teknoloji: Dersler, Sunumlar, Öğrenci İşleri Sergisi / Art, Design, Technology: Lectures, Presentations, Student Works Exhibition

  • Y.T.Ü. Art and Design Faculty 10. anniversary exhibition illustration. April, 2007.


  • Multimedia Design Project 3 / Corporate Interaction, GUI Design
  • Multimedia Design Project 4 / Gestural Interaction, GI Design
  • Multimedia Design Project 5 / Experimental Interaction, GI Design
  • Icon Design / Fundamentals of message visualization
  • Typographic Animation / Kinetic Typography
  • Concept Development 
  • Design Ergonomics

Research Interests

  • natural user interfaces
  • design education
  • design thinking


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